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Creative Careers

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Event Planning Entrepreneur Program

The event planning business is not only expanding, but it could be very profitable. If you have imagination, people skills and great organization, an event planning company…

Floral Design

Our Floral Design program prepares students for a career creating floral arrangements as well as running a successful florist business. The program balances theory with practice, addressing…

Hospitality Sales & Marketing Specialist Program

In today’s challenging hospitality industry, it is important to have a knowledge of sales and marketing. Our Hospitality Sales & Marketing Specialist program will concentrate…

Interior Decorating and Design Entrepreneur Program

Our online training courses in Interior Decorating & Design Entrepreneur Program emphasizes educating you about a number of impressive interior…

Landscaping Entrepreneur Program

Shift your green fingers into your dream career with the use of our online Landscaping Entrepreneur Program. You can discover how to draft your plans and blend flowers, trees, hedges…

Professional Cooking and Catering Program

Our online Professional Cooking & Catering Program will help you master the cooking and baking guidelines you need to plan fantastic meals and menus in order to run a successful…

Professional Photography

Employment of photographers is predicted to increase by 4 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is slower than other occupations. Work conditions for photographers can fluctuate a lot, depending on what they specialize in.

Wedding Consultant Entrepreneur Program

Weddings are milestones in the lives of brides, grooms, and their loved ones. The wedding consultant has the most vital role in preparing this special day.

Travel Agent Specialist Program

Our internet-based Travel Agent Specialist program can help you better comprehend travel and tourism careers while showing you how you can pair travelers with the right…