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Coaching and Counseling

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Activity Professional

Our Activity Professional program no only deals with how to offer interesting programs designed to produce positive, social, entertaining, educational opportunities for occupants of independent, assisted living…

Direct Support Professional

Direct Support Professionals offer assistance for folks who have developmental or physical disabilities in a variety of locations including things like group homes, day programs…

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Drug and Alcohol Counseling reflects the surge of data concerning the knowledge, recognition, and treatment of habit-forming disorders. It inspects the use and abuse of alcohol…

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

The public has come to understand that they can direct their own health and wellness. This knowledge has sparked an interest in individual well-being and created an urge for health information.

Life Skills Coach

Our Life Skills Coaching Program will really help you study the abilities you require to be a successful Life Skills Coach while also assisting you to develop the business you want.

Mental Health Technician

Looking for Mental Health Technician Certification? This Mental Health Technician course offers a solid background in mental health so you can work nicely with clients who show both…

Nutritional Consultant

Although many individuals understand the importance of healthy and balanced nutrition habits as well as effective fitness patterns, it is at times difficult to fulfill goals by themselves.

Nutrition and Fitness Professional

Our online instruction in Nutrition and Fitness Professional Course concentrates on assisting others take on a healthy way of living. Lots of people are worried about personal..

Personal Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers and instructors lead, instruct, and inspire individuals or teams in physical exercise activities, consisting of cardio exercise (workouts for the heart and blood system), strength training, and stretching.

Stress Management Coach

Our online training Stress Management Coaching Entrepreneur Program is for individuals wanting to work professionally as a stress management coach.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is an important program for the massage industry consisting of the essential knowledge and skills needed to be a successful, professional massage therapist.

Wellness Coach

Wellness coaching has to do with helping men and women to greatly improve their lifestyle behavior. Wellness coaching is actually a new field.

Wellness Coaching Associate

Our Wellness Coaching Associate Course focuses on helping people to improve better their lives by applying the principles of professional life coaching and the goals of