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Child Day Care Management

Employment of childcare staff members is predicted to increase by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020, swifter than the average for all other professions.

Human Resource Management w/ PHR Exam Prep

Learn about the thrilling world of today's Human Resource Management through this online course. This HR management course blends together strong human...

Project Management for CAPM

Learn to excel in the most proven techniques in project management along with exciting new strategies arising from current industry and today's newest research.

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Activity Professional Program

Our Activity Director course not only deals with how to offer interesting programs designed to produce positive, social, entertaining, educational opportunities for occupants of independent...

Direct Support Professional

Direct Support Professionals offer assistance for folks who have developmental or physical disabilities in a variety of locations including things like group homes...

Drug & Alcohol Counselor Program

Drug and Alcohol Counseling reflects the surge of data concerning the knowledge, recognition, and treatment of habit-forming disorders.

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Event Planning Entrepreneur Program

The event planning business is not only expanding, but it could be very profitable. If you have imagination, people skills and great organization, an event planning company might be the job of your dreams.

Floral Design

Our Floral Design program prepares students for a career creating floral arrangements as well as running a successful florist business.

Hospitality Sales & Marketing Specialist Program

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Legal Transcription Specialist Program

Our Legal Transcription Specialist program not only trains individuals how to transcribe the information, but focuses on understanding the law for a more comprehensive and law focused career.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription has come into the public view recently being recognized for its efficient and professional influence on legal records and is steadily becoming a popular trend in the legal field.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is an exciting and growing field! Criminal justice is the application or study of laws regarding criminal behavior.

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Clinical Medical Assistant

Have you contemplated working with other professionals offering health care to people? Are you a good team player? As a Clinical Medical Assistant you will work closely...

Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is an essential staff member in many dentists' offices. Dental assistant jobs can change from office to office, but generally a dental assistant...

Dental Office Assistant Specialist Program

Our Dental Office Assistant Specialist course will expose students to all the most recent information and skill practice required to succeed in the paperless age while also moving up...

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Automotive Service Management

Automotive Service Management offers coverage across a large range of topics that are significantly important in the fast-paced, intricate world of automotive service management.

Automotive Technician (ASE)

This Automotive Technician (ASE) series addresses automotive theory as well as the service and repair of various systems of the automobile.

HVAC Customer Service

Our HVAC Customer Service training program offers methods and techniques required to deliver exceptional customer service. Content explores approaches for communicating effectively with the customer and solving problems.

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